Traffic Signal II - Field   March 21st - 22nd 2022


  1.  IMSA Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician Certification (or equivalent as approved).
  2.  IMSA Traffic Signal Technician Level I Certification. 
  3. Two (2) years experience in the Traffic Signal Field.


Focuses on maintenance and repair of signalized intersections. Topics covered include: traffic signal control system troubleshooting, on-site repairs, maintenance methods and equipment, worksite safety, maintenance of traffic, traffic signal system equipment standards and operation, installation, inspection, troubleshooting, equipment repair, replacement and programming, test equipment, signal phasing and timing, detection, system communications, preventive maintenance and documentation.

Traffic Signal II - Field March 21st - 22nd 2022

    Breakfast and Lunch buffet included with March 23rd 2022 Meeting